Whether you are a home owner, tenant, land owner or a duty holder at a school, business premises, housing association, local authority or other organisation, you have a duty of care to ensure the trees on your land are safe from causing harm to people of property as much as reasonably practicable.


In this litigative society it is important to undertake tree surveys and have an audit trail in place, should any tree failure occur which causes harm.

We offer the professional services to help you meet your 'Duty of Care', and can also provide bespoke/tailormade data collection and reporting on trees to meet your needs. 

Please contact us for further details.

Risk and Condition

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Tree Surveys

There are options depending on the level of detail required and how you want to use it:

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Inventory Survey

This survey looks at every tree on site consistently and records every tree / tree group into a database.  The benefits of this are that details on all trees are captured and stored in a database and we can provide analysed data, such as species diversity and age range on all trees and groups, to help understand the tree character.  From this information, tree strategies can be produced and using the data, the overall tree population can be assessed quickly, informing long term decision making.

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Walkover Survey

This survey looks at every tree on site in the same way as an inventory survey, but only records the data on those where recommendations are made.  This is cost effective, as we are not entering data on every tree on site.

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Tree Survey Report, Tree Data Schedule and Tree Plan

This is the output from the survey with detailed information and recommendations, with discussion on specific trees where appropriate.  The report includes a tree data schedule of each tree recorded, with all tree specific details and a tree plan to show the location.  Each tree / tree group / hedge and woodland is given a unique reference number which can be cross referenced across the plan, tree data schedule and report. 

What Our Clients Say

Simon Cranmer, Operations Manager, Oswestry Town Council

"Tree 21 carried out an inspection of trees across our estate of publicly accessible sites, enabling us to manage risk and protect residents and visitors.

The fee quoted was reasonable and the inspections were carried out promptly.

Above all, the report and recommendations were thorough and helpful not just for managing tree safety but also prolonging the life of trees in our care."

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