When there are trees near to a home or property you are looking to buy, there are often requirements for an ‘Arboricultural Report’ as condition of the lending.

We can provide this on a basic level, or a more comprehensive report to cover not only the requirements of the lender, but to inform you as the duty holder of your responsibility on the trees within the curtilage.


This usually covers trees risk and condition and any recommended works to trees, any statutory protection considerations on the trees, your responsibility as duty holder, any direct or indirect damage which can result, how big the trees will get and any other factors to consider, such as shading or maintenance related issues, resulting from the trees.    

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House Buying and Mortgage Services

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Tree Surveys

This survey focuses on the interaction with nearby trees, the house and external structures and hard surfacing.


We consider soil type, direct and indirect damage, such as subsidence and heave which may be caused by trees, maintenance, shade, tree condition and risk, responsibility as tree owner (if the trees are within the curtilage and will ultimately become your responsibility) and searches on statutory tree protection (Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas).


The trees are recorded in specialist software and plotted on a site plan.

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Arboricultural Report

The report brings all the issues together and provides recommendations where necessary, highlights responsibility, confirms any statutory protection and what that means to you, reports on soil type and considers tree species, size and water demand and whether there is any current subsidence or heave or whether this is likely.


The report makes all necessary recommendations on tree management and is suitable to provide a copy to your mortgage company.      

What Our Clients Say

Ralph Tomley, Owner, Henelle Park Golf Club

"Henlle Park Golf Club appointed Mike Wood to survey trees and provide an Arboricultural Impact Assessment and plans to accompany a planning application at the golf club.

Mike carried out the work quickly, thoroughly and professionally including meeting the County Tree Officer on site and review the Tree Preservation Order. I would have no hesitation in appointing Mike Wood again for other work."

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