About Tree 21


About Tree 21

Tree 21 Limited is an arboricultural survey and consultancy company.


Founded in 2012 by Mike Wood, who has over 25 years’ experience in the industry, with the first 10 years as a Tree Surgeon and 15 + years as a surveyor and consultant, Mike has a wealth of knowledge and experience in tree related matters.


Having worked on many diverse and complex projects, throughout the UK, Mike is able to offer a knowledgeable and comprehensive service, providing surveys, inspections, reports, plans and advice on a range of tree issues from a single tree to several thousand across an estate or authority area.


We do not provide tree surgery services and are not associated with any tree surgery companies.


Therefore, our advice and recommendations are purely client focused, enabling us to provide a truly objective, balanced and professional view through highly experienced knowledge and ongoing training, ensuring the best outcome for trees and stakeholders.     

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Hello.  I am Mike Wood and I have over 25 years of experience in arboriculture.

I worked the first 10 years of my career as a Tree Surgeon, and the past 15 years as a surveyor and consultant.

Starting out in 1995 as a Tree Surgeon, I quickly learnt the trade and went on to set up and run a Tree Surgery Company. In 1999, I started further qualifications in Arboriculture as I wanted to know more and more about trees and their relationship with people.


By 2002, I was surveying more and more trees whilst still providing tree surgery. In 2006 I made the decision to stop working on trees and to start working with trees, focusing on management, including surveying and report writing as an Arboricultural Manager for an Ecological Consultancy company. I went on to work with a well-respected Arboricultural Consultancy company. 


I started Tree 21 Limited in 2012, bringing my years of experience and knowledge all together into my own company to provide professional services to a range of clients. 


Today, I typically provide services for planning consultants, architects, landscape architects, construction and development companies, local authorities, homeowners and  landowners, statutory undertakers and other arboricultural and ecological consultancy companies.

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Royal Forestry Society Level 2 Certificate inArboriculture

Level 4 Award, Certificate and Diploma in Arboriculture

LANTRA Professional Tree Inspector

QTRA (Quantified Tree Risk Assessment) registered user

CSCS (Arborist Manager)

ROLO Health & Safety Trained

LANTRA Highways England passport

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